About Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana® was created as a result of our love for quality, great design, and of course the environment. At Charlie Banana®, we thrive to create for good – good for your baby’s skin and good for the planet – all while making your li’l one look great.
Years of research, development, and testing have gone into the creation of our super soft products. They have been crafted for you, and we hope that you will feel the love that we put into making them.
Gaëlle Wizenberg and the Amazing Charlie Banana® Team

Why Pick Charlie Banana

We understand that be it comfort, style, or convenience, you prefer the best for your baby. All of Charlie Banana® products have been designed keeping this in mind, to offer you nothing but the very best.
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Why Choose Cloth Diapers

With Charlie Banana cloth diapers, your child will have a feeling of being hugged every time you use it on them. Besides being very soft on babies’ skin, they offer great fit and super absorption. Also, they are a boon for the environment.
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We’re delighted that our products have had a positive impact on the lives of parents and babies the world over. It’s nice to be appreciated for it. Here are some of the feathers in our cap.
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