How to Use Cloth Diaper Inserts - A Complete Guide


Be it daytime or night-time use, light wetter or heavy wetter,our inserts offer great absorbency throughout the day. Here's how to use our inserts the right way.
Step 1
Place the soft fleece side towards the baby's skin.
Step 2
Use one insert for light wetter & day use and two for heavy wetter & overnight use.
Step 3
Slide the insert inside the pocket or place it outside it.
Step 4
Once soiled, use the brand tag to pull it out of the pocket cleanly and put it to wash.
One Diaper, Two Ways!
The Pocket Diaper Way:
Stuff one or two inserts
inside the pocket
The Cover Diaper Way:
Place one insert inside the pocket and one on top of it

How to use inserts

Here’s how you can use our inserts to give your baby complete absorbency, regardless of time of day or the kind of wetness you’re looking to absorb.
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